success stories


Meet Benson

After graduation, Benson interned with These Numbers Have Faces, where he worked very closely with the staff responsible for our Accelerate Academy for young entrepreneurs and developed his own skills as an entrepreneur. Through Collins, another one of our alumni, Benson learned that Inkomoko, a non-profit organization helping refugees start small businesses to improve their standard of living, wanted to hire someone to work with refugees in the Kiziba refugee camp. Having grown up in a refugee camp himself, Benson eagerly applied for this job and was hired. He loves his work. He loves seeing the transformational difference his work is having in the lives of those he serves.

Meet Pascaline

Pascaline works for Kasha, a women’s health and personal care products company. When Pascaline saw an open position within Kasha, she shared it with our alumni.  Esther, one of our recent graduates, applied for the position and was hired. At our May Leadership Development Workshop, both Pascaline and Esther spoke to our students about life after graduation, the skills necessary for getting a good job, and the value of networking within our These Numbers Have Faces family.

Meet Patience, Berthine, and Jessica

After graduating from university, all three were hired by the Kula Project, a non-profit organization working to eradicate poverty through entrepreneurship. All three live in rural villages teaching life skills and business skills to farming families: financial literacy, business planning and management, building a strong family business, family nutrition, self-esteem and self-confidence, and more. They love working with farmers and seeing the positive impact their work is having in their lives.

Meet Florence

After graduating from university with a degree in finance, Florence was one of several hundred applicants for an auditor position within Rwanda’s Office of the Auditor General – and she got the job! Florence says that it was what she learned in our Leadership Development Workshops that made the difference. Now she is committed to giving back and making a difference in her community. She mentors young girls in her neighborhood who now see her as a role model. She helps them develop their self-confidence, counsels them to avoid pregnancy before marriage, and encourages them to work hard to achieve their dreams.

Meet Jane

Jane is the Founder of K-U Social Ltd., a social impact business whose mission is to help women become self-sufficient. After graduating from the Accelerate Academy and receiving an investment to grow her business, Jane was able to hire two women full-time to work as tailors, as well as five part-time staff who make craft items for sale. With this growth, Jane has also been able to hire a full-time sales representative. Jane’s business is impacting many people, transforming their lives and the lives of their families.

Meet Jeanette

Meet Jeanette, a graduate of our Accelerate Academy. Jeanette is the Founder of InziraDreamz Network, a social impact business that empowers youth and women. Jeanette not only teaches youth and women how to make leather shoes and beautiful crafts out of traditional cloth, she also develops their leadership skills and teaches them how to be successful entrepreneurs. She is passing on to them what she has learned herself.