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Scovia U



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Ines Ruhengeri

Career Medicine

Biomedical Laboratory Sciences

CAREER: Biomedical Laboratory Sciences



    • April 16, 2024 – Our students shared what was most meaningful to them from our recent Leadership Development Workshop. Scovia said: “I gained a lot of skills from the recent workshop, skills which changed my mind. From Benson’s story, I was encouraged and now I know even if there are ups and downs, and no matter what people say to me, I need to be focused on what I want to achieve in life. I also learned that I should grow up with a spirit of serving, as well as have a positive mindset, knowing that I can achieve the same as others in life.”


  • G. and J. Thurston – Portland, OR
  • Prince of Peace Lutheran Church – Portland, OR


Scovia is the youngest of four children – and the only girl. Her Dad died when she was young. Her Mom worked hard to provide for their family the best she could. But life was hard growing up. As subsistence farmers, there were times when the crops didn’t yield enough food to feed her family. And access to clean water was a constant struggle.

Scovia grew up in a rural village in Rwanda’s Eastern Province. Everyone in her village faced the same challenges. So, they did what they could to support and encourage each other. In addition to the challenges of sufficient food and access to clean water, there was very little infrastructure in her village or the surrounding area. Schools, hospitals, and health clinics were few and far between. This made Scovia all the more passionate about doing well in school so that she can make a meaningful difference in her community.

Scovia attends the Ines Ruhengeri, where she is studying Biomedical Laboratory Sciences. Her dream is to launch a medical dispensary in her home village to improve access to medical care. She would also like to launch a school in her village to bring a quality education closer to home for the children in her village. Her goal is to improve the health of those in her community and to reduce the number of students who drop out of school because of how far school is from their home. She also sees these organizations creating jobs and improving lives.

Outside the classroom, Scovia is active in her church, serving as an evangelist, an usher, and a member of the worship team. She also enjoys playing volleyball and other sports activities.