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Olivier R



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University of Rwanda

Career Medicine

Dental Surgery

CAREER: Oral Surgeon



    • April 16, 2024 – Our students shared what was most meaningful to them from our recent Leadership Development Workshop. Olivier said: “The most meaningful points that I learned from this workshop were many, but I am going to discuss some of them. Doctor Kuhn’s poetry skills was the first meaningful point to me, because in life poetry is a special art that delivers a message in a very complex way and requires special attention to the audience. This encourages me to adopt the same approach as a future leader as one of the best ways to express yourself in public. However, Doctor Kuhn’s life experience and different scenarios with her daughter and students where she worked taught me a good value that I need to copy from her – as a leader, valuing each person who needs you as the main core of servant leadership. Not only was Dr. Kuhn’s presentation interesting to me but also Benson’s life experience inspired almost all of us who were there. He reminded me of one word I heard many times since I joined TNHF – integrity.  This was mostly due to his story of how he didn’t stay in America while his family was there and still struggling as they were new there but still he focuses on not being selfish by not blocking other scholars’ chances to go there again if he stays there. This reminded me to always adopt the same character in every action and not to rely on shortcuts. He also inspired me by having a successful life regardless of how bad your background appears. In conclusion, the workshop was remarkably interesting and fruitful to me in all corners and reminded me how giving back to the community pays off.”

Olivier R’S CIRCLE


Olivier was born into a family of five children – three girls and two boys. He is the second born. Unfortunately, Olivier’s Dad died when he was in the second grade. His Mom had never worked outside of their home, but now she needed to support her family. So, she became a primary school teacher. Her salary wasn’t enough to provide for all their needs, but at least they could survive. As the second born and eldest son, Olivier began caring for his younger siblings at a very young age. He also worked hard in school so that he could get scholarships to pay his school fees. And he worked at a variety of odd jobs during school holidays to pay for the school supplies he and his siblings needed. Life was not easy, but Olivier’s hard work paid off!

Olivier attends the University of Rwanda, where he is studying Dental Surgery. His dream is to be an oral surgeon who promotes oral health both by treating patients with difficult oral issues and by promoting different government oral health programs. He looks forward to the day he can help create a better life for his family.

Outside the classroom, Olivier is active in his church. He also serves as the Social Affairs Officer of his university’s chapter of the Christian Medical Student Fellowship. He is also a member of his university’s Dental Club. In addition, he tutors high school students for their science classes. Olivier also enjoys playing volleyball.