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Olga Pamela



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University of Rwanda

Career Medicine

General Medicine and Surgery

CAREER: Pediatrician



    • April 16, 2024 – Our students shared what was most meaningful to them from our recent Leadership Development Workshop. Olga Pamela said: “The inspiring story of Benson gave me greater optimism for the future. He has that kind of story that rejuvenated me and was like a motivation to me. I also liked how Mrs. Kuhn taught us about passionate leadership in a kind of way where she used poems. It was fun! The reflections on personal struggles and what we are grateful about made me realize how I am blessed. God has blessed me abundantly in such a way that even through hard times or struggles He always makes a way for me. I felt really blessed during the workshop.”

Olga Pamela’S CIRCLE

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Olga Pamela is the eldest of six children. She is blessed to have both parents. Her father works as a cashier at the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency. Unfortunately, his job is far from their home, so he only comes home a few times a year to minimize expenses. In addition, his salary is not enough to support all of the needs of their family. So, life has been challenging.

Olga Pamela grew up in a very supportive community called Kacyiru. This is where her mother had grown up, so there was a lot of extended family to provide love and encouragement. Later, her family moved to Kanombe, close to the airport. She and her siblings loved to watch the planes landing and taking off.

Olga Pamela attends the Huye Campus of the University of Rwanda, where she is studying General Medicine and Surgery. Her dream is to become an excellent pediatrician who provides the best care for all her patients. She sees the need to make significant improvement in Rwanda’s pediatric care, and she’s eager to be part of that improvement. She is passionate about alleviating pain, suffering, and illness in the lives of Rwandan children, as well as doing everything possible to nurture health in the lives of those children..

In addition to her studies. Olga Pamela is a member of the Christian Medical Students Forum. This group not only meets to pray; they also do some fundraising to help street children with school fees, clothing, books, and bags so they can go to school. She also participants in MEDSAR, another association for medical students. They attend sporting events and screen people’s blood, check blood pressure, and test blood sugar levels.