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Marie Rose



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University of Rwanda - Huye Campus

Career Medicine

General Nursing


GRAD DATE: Aug 2023


    • March 1, 2023 – In a recent Leadership Development Workshop, we explored the question, “How can you make sure the pain of your past doesn’t determine your future?” What stood out and meant the most to you in this workshop? Marie Rose said: “By just learning from the past and make peace with it, you start living in the present by setting new goals and evaluating whether there is any improvement or not. This helps you to make sure that the pain of your past doesn’t determine your future. The thing that helped me the most was the story the workshop facilitator told us about how his mother beat him for not having done three things: Spending the whole day without doing anything (just no purpose), lying, and skipping school. This taught me a great lesson to always have purpose and to love learning.”
    • September 8, 2022 – Marie Rose discussed the biggest change in her life since the end of the COVID restrictions: “During the COVID restrictions, I had enough time to explore who I am, and even my purpose, because I was a person who could spend the whole day comparing myself to others. Now, I’m no longer living life full of doubts and setbacks. I’ve also learned about saving and nowadays I’m good at it.”
    • September 13, 2021 – Marie Rose shared her favorite song and what it means to her: “My favorite song is “Thank You” by Pentatonix: It expresses a thankful message to God for He is the one who makes us survive in our daily living.”
    • July 16, 2021 – Marie Rose shared what resilience means to her: “Resilience means the ability to return to normal conditions after facing something odd or stressful.
    • March 1, 2021 – Marie Rose said her biggest lessons from 2020 were: “2020 was difficult for many people because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve learned some lessons as listed below:
      Firstly, I’ve learned the power of saving for the future. During lockdown, many people lost their jobs and those who didn’t save for the future have suffered a lot compared to the ones who saved.
      Secondly, I’ve learned that patience is a weapon in case you don’t have the power to change the situation.
      Additionally, I’ve learned to live in the moment and make it more productive.”

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Marie Rose is the second born in a family of five children with both parents. She was born and raised in a rural village in Rwanda, which needed great transformation in different sectors of life. Growing up in such a village, struggling for survival and for school fees, shaped Marie Rose into a responsible, hardworking and courageous person, who is becoming a change maker in her family and community.

Focusing on her studies, guaranteed Marie Rose good marks in her national exam and she was admitted to the University of Rwanda as a general nursing student. She is very proud to be pursuing this career as her goal is to care for both sick and well, contributing to health and well-being as she has been cared for unconditionally since she was born.

In her spare time, Marie Rose likes reading self-improvement books because it upgrades her mind and makes it sharp and aware. She also likes sporting, watching talks done by geniuses, watching health related movies, and attending a public speaking club called Ijambo Toastmasters. This brightens her life and makes it more precious and enjoyable.