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CAREER: Doctor

GRAD DATE: July 2021


    • September 13, 2021 – Marie Gisele shared her favorite song and what it means to her: “I don’t know that I have one favorite song, but I often find myself opening this link to listen to many songs: There are two hours of worship songs here! When I feel lonely, I play it again and again and I find myself renewed.”
    • July 16, 2021 – Marie Gisele shared what resilience means to her: “Resilience is continuing to work on what you do despite challenges.”
    • March 1, 2021 – Marie Gisele said her biggest lesson from 2020 was: “Managing time – I have to work efficiently today as if I will die tomorrow.”
    • December 1, 2020 – I am studying General Medicine and Surgery at the University of Rwanda! My dream is to become a good health care provider. I have been involved with These Numbers Have Faces with since day 1 of my studies!
    • July 1, 2020 – We asked our students what makes them proud of their culture, and Marie Gisele said: “Traditional clothes (Imishanana). It makes Rwandan’s culture easily identified from other African clothes.”
    • March 30, 2020 – Marie Gisele speaks Kinyarwanda, Kiswahili, English, and French.
    • March 30, 2020 – Marie Gisele said her favorite drink is milk.
    • September 1, 2019 – Marie Gisele said that this summer she had an intensive rotation in the hospital. She did rotations in internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, surgery, and the laboratory. She learned a lot through this experience! As a medical student this hands on experience was crucial for her and helped her come one step closer to her career as a doctor.
    • May 18, 2019 – Last semester, in the monthly leadership training, I was inspired by the topic entitled “Financial Literacy”. I learned that from a small income I earn every month it is possible to live within my means and save for the future.
    • February 9, 2019 – When asked to define servant leadership, how that applies to her life now, and her future career, Marie Gisele said: “A servant leader is a person who influences others in positive ways and fights for the benefit of the majority. I am practicing to be a servant leader through different activities I do in my community through volunteering. As a medical student, the quality of life in my community is my concern. I know that disease prevention is better than treatment. In addition to my community impact projects through TNHF, I give a part of my time to MEDSAR, Medical Students Association of Rwanda. In this organization, I am serving as the volunteer treasurer. I know that this is the best way to practice to be a servant leader – I work hard for my healthy community now and tomorrow. I know that being a medical doctor as my future career is not only a job but it is a calling. Being called, I will be working according to the needs of my community.”
    • November 19, 2018 – Marie Gisèle wants to be known for excellence in everything she does!
    • July 7, 2018 – This last school year, because her class schedule wasn’t very challenging, Marie Gisele was able to complete her community impact project and go to driving school! It did get a little difficult at times to balance it all, but she was able to be work hard and accomplish everything she set her mind to! This summer, she is still taking classes due to her university’s schedule. She is looking forward to working hard and doing well!
    • May 12, 2018 – Marie Gisele values time and people, because time is something that when wasted you can never get back, and when people are around she feel privileged and happy to be around them.
    • March 25, 2018 – When Marie-Gisele was younger, she dreamt of being a healthcare provider, either as a nurse or doctor, because she wanted to help those who were suffering! In five years, she hopes to be fulfilling this dream and be working as a doctor!
    • February 27, 2018 – Growing up Marie Gisele’s parents called her Kadu, which is short for Kaduhire meaning “bless them.” Marie Gisele’s said her mother is her greatest inspiration.
    • December 18, 2017 – Marie Gisele says that on Christmas most people celebrate the birth of Jesus, usually by gathering together with friends and family to share a meal together. The word Marie Gisele believes her friends would use to describe her is “researcher” because she loves to learn new things and develop new skills!
    • November 11, 2017 – Marie Gisele is thankful for all the people who are contributing to her personal and community development! She loves Christmas holidays, usually she gets to spend time with her family and friends, but this year she will be studying.
    • October 8, 2017 – This summer, Marie Gisele volunteered at kLab, an open space for IT entrepreneurs to collaborate.
    • May 25, 2017 – Something Marie Gisele wishes more people knew about Rwanda is that every citizen has health insurance!
    • March 28, 2017 – When asked about the 3 things she values most, Marie Gisele said God, time and her community!
    • February 13, 2017 – “My empowerment comes from the support of my family and those in These Numbers Have Faces. I feel confident in who I am because of their encouragement and motivation to set my goals high.” – Marie Gisele
    • January 17, 2017 – Life isn’t without challenges. Last year, Marie Gisele was challenged by the increased workload from high school to University. Asking for advice from friends & perseverance reminder her how hard work is important to success.
    • December 8, 2016 – Marie Gisele is looking forward to 2017. Her goals are to practice public speaking so that she will become more confident when speaking in front of others. She also hopes to make more friends, and develop her spiritual life.
    • November 20, 2016 – When asked about what she’s thankful for, Marie Gisele said being part of a family in These Numbers Have Faces!
    • October 14, 2016 – Marie Gisele could not have finished high school on a higher note. She got a perfect score on her National Exam! We’re so grateful she is part of our TNHF family!

Marie-Gisele’S CIRCLE

  • J. Johnson Taylor – Portland, OR
  • S. & S. Tama-Sweet – Hood River, OR
  • R. & D. Pizzo – Oregon City, OR


Marie-Gisele was born in a village in western Rwanda, the daughter of two teachers who lived a simple, peaceful life. When she turned 2, however, the Rwandan Genocide forced her family to flee to neighboring DR Congo, where, for many years, they lived in the rainforests and refugee camps. At one point, Marie-Gisele and her younger sister became separated from their family, and were left to raise themselves. Even though they were living in a helpless situation, she still had a hope of one day returning to Rwanda and going to school. 12 years later, she did! She was even reunited with her mother and older sister.   Highly motivated, Marie-Gisele poured herself into her studies and went on to receive one of the top scores on her National High School Exam. Fueled by her past and the history of her country, her vision is to become a good doctor and leader in her community, to help ensure that future generations will not have to endure the challenges she faced.  When she was in secondary school Marie-Gisele enjoyed making art and jewelry, and has been part of entrepreneurship and environmental clubs!  Now an active 4th year medical student, her hobbies have changed significantly. She studies very hard, but when she has time outside the classroom, Marie-Gisele volunteers with a national program working to fight non-communicable diseases. She works on Care Free Days which takes place in Kigali, twice a month. She screens for non-communicable diseases after sporting events. She also raises awareness about community health through many students’ projects, like her Community Impact Project and MEDSAR activities, like YEAN Project serving as treasurer.