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CAREER: Lawyer

GRAD DATE: Aug 2023


    • March 1, 2023 – In a recent Leadership Development Workshop, we explored the question, “How can you make sure the pain of your past doesn’t determine your future?” What stood out and meant the most to you in this workshop? Innocent said: “No matter how bad our past might be, the future can be great if we change our mindset. Sometimes we lose hope and courage to continue pushing for and fighting for our dreams due to our past experiences. But, through the TNHF Leadership Development Workshop, I learned that one can still be a new version of themselves, achieve his/her dreams, be healed, and heal others. In summary, to get rid of our past is to focus on our future and have a positive mindset.”
    • September 8, 2022 – Innocent discussed the biggest changes in his life since the end of the COVID restrictions: “In the COVID pandemic I learned that uncertainties are unexpected. When this happens people survive depending on what they have done. My biggest lesson from the COVID pandemic was about the habit of saving. I realized that today might be looking good but the following day may be different. In that case, one will survive from what he saved not what he consumed. So, saving was my biggest lesson and I do it every time I get money.”
    • September 13, 2021 – Innocent shared his favorite song and what it means to him: “My favorite song is “Woman” by Juliana Kanyomozi, who is from Uganda: In this song, Juliana tries to describe a woman as a warrior, wonderful and beautiful in every way. This is something everyone can testify to, since we all come from women and recognize how hard they work night and day to give us a better life. Thanks, TNHF!”
    • July 16, 2021 – Innocent shared what resilience means to him: “I personally define resilience as the ability to overcome any challenge or obstacles, regardless of how difficult these obstacles might be.”
    • December 1, 2020 – I’m studying Law at the National University of Rwanda. My dream is to become a lawyer.
    • July 1, 2020 – We asked our students what makes them proud of their culture, and Innocent said: “One thing I like about my culture dress code for women. Our Rwandan culture encourages women in general to wear suitable and fit clothes which bring them the respect of society and respecting themselves as well. However, today as technology rolls up, some women change their mind and are no longer obeying this culture of our country because they compare themselves to other countries’s cultures and want to be modernized rather than staying in traditional culture. So, this is how I see my culture today in Rwanda.”
    • March 30, 2020 – Innocent speaks Kinyarwanda, English, little French, and Swahili.
    • March 30, 2020 – Innocent said he loves drinking milk.
    • September 1, 2019 – Innocent was hoping to find a job this summer, but despite searching everywhere he wasn’t able to find one. So he has spent a lot of time this summer helping a friend of his to learn English. He said this friend really struggles to find employment because his lack of English holds him back. So by helping his friend to learn English, he’s also increasing his friend’s opportunities for employment. So cool to hear how Innocent has used his summer to have an impact in someone else’s life! He also said he’s enjoyed reading both novels and books related to his studies this summer.
    • May 18, 2019 – This last semester, I learned in our leadership training that “a man who has not found what he will die for does not deserve to live” quoted by Martin Luther King. It is not that I don’t have something I will die for but it inspired me to focus on my dreams and strive to reach them no matter what challenges I may face. Apart from leadership training, I also learned about laws governing people and family, as it was my first time to be a university student in the faculty of law.
    • February 9, 2019 – When asked to define servant leadership, how that applies to his life now, and his future career, Innocent said: “Servant leadership is a philosophy in which the main goal of the leader is to serve people. The way I see myself implementing leadership in my future career is through the involvement in different groups at my university. For instance, I’m a leader in my choir and I am also a leader in my class. Based on this, I think that it is my beginning to start practicing in leadership to have experience.”
    • November 19, 2018 – Innocent wants to be known as someone who did his best to help others! He is so excited to be starting university!

Innocent’S CIRCLE

  • Living Savior Lutheran Church – Tualatin, OR
  • S. Remmick – Tualatin, OR
  • A. and J. Chase- Wilsonville, OR


Growing up, Innocent encountered many troubles. As a child of a single mother who supported his family through odd jobs and farming, it was often a struggle to gather school fees. At the end of a long school day, instead of playing or studying with the other children, he helped his mother with cooking and working. His grades often suffered, and many times he considered dropping out of school. One day, Innocent went to church and prayed for courage. From that day on he went from the bottom to the top of his class, even getting a scholarship for secondary school. As the first in his family to go to school, Innocent is excited about how this experience will enable him to lead his community. He is studying to become a lawyer. Upon graduating, he plans to advocate from women in rural areas experiencing domestic abuse. Innocent is a talented musician who uses his skills to give back to his community! He loves to perform in church, at school, and at special events such as Genocide commemorations and weddings. He also loves teaching the young people of his community English and French to help them succeed in school!