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Emmanuel T



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Environmental Health Sciences

CAREER: Environmental Health Sciences



    • April 16, 2024 – Our students shared what was most meaningful to them from our recent Leadership Development Workshop. Emmanuel said: “From the workshop conversation we had, I came to realize and think of the events that had happened in my life, whether in class or outside. The first thing I learned was all about being a compassionate leader, meaning one with empathy who makes his feet fit the boots of others. It came to mind how I serve my fellow classmates as their representative in relation to servant leadership. After the conversation we had about immigrants, I came to learn how some people prevent others from tasting the opportunities they tasted. The main lesson I got here was that if I am blessed, why can’t I bless others? To conclude, I said I have to make an improvement in myself to bless as many people as I can manage to bless. To cut it short, leadership is all about compassion and being a servant to those who are called to be led by you and bless them.”

Emmanuel T’S CIRCLE


Emmanuel was born into a wonderful family of eight people – his Mom and Dad, five siblings and himself. His parents worked hard to support their family, but it wasn’t always easy. His Mom worked in the local market, sewing and repairing clothing. His Dad is a farmer. So, unfortunately, often the money they make isn’t enough to meet all their needs. Emmanuel is the only one in his family to complete secondary school with the dream of going on to university. He sees a university education as an important way to bring transformative change to his family and his community.

Emmanuel was raised in a community where very few children attended school beyond the primary grades. As he entered secondary school and shared his dream of going on to university, Emmanuel experienced a lot of teasing and even bullying that made him think about quitting and dropping out. But then he remembered how much his parents struggled so he could continue his education. And that gave him the strength to persevere. If his community didn’t encourage him to continue his education, they did teach him a lot about other important values, like the significance of self-discipline, the value of teamwork, and the importance of being a good friend and neighbor. In addition, what Emmanuel saw and experienced in his community simply reinforced his desire to be a healthcare provider of some sort. He saw so many people struggle with healthcare issues because of their poverty

Emmanuel attends the University of Rwanda, where he is studying Environmental Health Science. His dream is to impact in as powerful a way as possible the health of vulnerable people living in poverty.

In addition to his studies, Emmanuel serves as a leader of the students from his district who are attending university, as well as a project manager for the Students One Health Innovation Club. He is also active in Toastmasters.