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University of Tourism, Tech, & Business

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Tour and Travel Management

CAREER: Tour and Travel Management



    • April 16, 2024 – Our students shared what was most meaningful to them from our recent Leadership Development Workshop. Emmanuel said: “First of all, I want to thank the TNHF Board for the good plan and the good conversation we had. This helped us to expand our mindset and grow our leadership skills. We’ve seen what compassion means to a good leader. My own understanding, according to the conversation that we had, is that compassion is a key characteristic of a good leader because it is the only way a leader may be able to analyze and handle situations politely or in a good way. I’ve realized that compassion is a major characteristic that all leaders should implement or comply with. This is all about sharpening us and making us leaders who will positively impact the community and make a difference. We also discussed why people who immigrated to other countries long ago are against others who are immigrating now and, according to the discussion, we have realized that it is because they fear that they will take away opportunities from them or be favored more than they are.  This was an amazing conversation which, as I mentioned in the beginning,  helped us and even requested to do it often because it is so helpful.”

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Emmanuel grew up in a family of eight people. His family faced many challenges while Emmanuel was growing up. His parents were able to provide food and other basic needs, but often they struggled to pay school fees for their children. But somehow, they made it through.

The community where Emmanuel grew up was also poor. And education wasn’t always the most valued. So, it wasn’t always easy for Emmanuel to pursue his dream of an education.

Emmanuel attends the University of Tourism, Tech, and Business, where he is studying Tour and Travel Management. His dream is to create his own tourism company, thereby creating jobs so that others can improve their lives, too.

Outside the classroom, Emmanuel is active in his church, serving as a videographer.