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    • April 16, 2024 – Our students shared what was most meaningful to them from our recent Leadership Development Workshop. Devis shared: “First and foremost, I was overwhelmed with the concept of “where we’re from” and its impact on leadership. In the first segment, Uncle Jim emphasized the importance of understanding one’s identity, and the speaker emphasized the importance of empathy, self-awareness, and emotional resilience in effective leadership. Another speaker discussed the concept of compassionate leadership, emphasized the importance of creating a culture of compassion, and support for everyone to grow and flourish. Still here, she had said yes, it’s true that the actual places we’ve lived influence who we become, but we are from so much more, and leaders need to own all of these ‘forms’ to foster humility and compassion. Furthermore, I was then more than happy to hear Benson’s story because it was really inspiring and courageous to me. First, we have the same career, though he has been successful right away, however I’m still doing my best work to become much better. Second, I was inspired by his journey growing from the refugee camp to making it happen in life – it’s really an incredible thing.I learned more about keeping trust. For example, where Benson talked about receiving more offers in the USA and deciding not to accept and come back to Rwanda for the reason that if he accepts the offer, other scholars wouldn’t have opportunities to go to the USA for internships and it’s amazing. The other thing that really touched me is the way he had managed to qualify for CPA with the first class degree at the university. This got my attention because I have wondered how can I get a first class degree and qualify for CPA at the same time because I’ve heard from many students saying that it’s a hard thing to do, so hearing from him helped me understand that it’s doable. In a nutshell, I would conclude by saying that the March virtual workshop was very inspiring and had lots of testimonies and good teachings.”



Devis grew up in a less than ideal family situation. But there were many others in his village facing similar challenges. Poverty, the lack of education, and chronic illness took a heavy toll on his community. However, Devis says there were many positives about his village as well. His community promoted building consensus to make community decisions. The people of his village encouraged each other, built confidence in the face of challenges, and nurtured positive engagement as a community. They worked hard to make everyone feel connected. These were all positive lessons Devis learned and took to heart as he was growing up.

Devis attends the University of Rwanda, where he is studying Accounting and Corporate Finance. He wants to use his university education and his career to improve the quality of life for his family and to make his community a better place.

Outside the classroom, Devis is active in his church. He also loves playing soccer.