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    • April 16, 2024 – Our students shared what was most meaningful to them from our recent Leadership Development Workshop. Cynthia shared this: “The most meaningful thing to me is that my challenging past life and “froms” don’t define my current and future life, so I have to tirelessly work hard for my better future and have a good impact on my family and community.“
    • March 1, 2023 – In a recent Leadership Development Workshop, we explored the question, “How can you make sure the pain of your past doesn’t determine your future?” What stood out and meant the most to you in this workshop? Cynthia said: “What I learned most is to not let my past determine my future.”
    • September 8, 2022 – Cynthia shared the biggest change in her life since the end of the COVID restrictions: “The biggest change in my life after the COVID restrictions was that I learned how to save. We never know what the future holds.”
    • September 13, 2021 – Cynthia shared her favorite song and what it means to her: “My favorite song is called “Goodness of God” by Bethel Music: I enjoy listening to this song because of what it says about the love and goodness of God running after me — and not only me. In everyone’s life there is the goodness of God every day.”
    • July 16, 2021 – Cynthia shared what resilience means to her: “To me, resilience means the ability to overcome serious troubled times and hardship. It’s the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.”

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  • N. & L. Chapman – Mead, WA


Cynthia I grew up in the southern province of Rwanda in a village in Huye district. She is the first born in a family of 7 children. Cynthia I was raised by her step mom. Her father is a farmer. His income wasn’t enough to satisfy the family’s basic needs. Since she was a child, she liked to help an old grandmother who wasn’t able to get everything herself. Cynthia I helped her fetch water and clean her house.

Her father paid Cynthia I’s tuition until she finished high school, but she didn’t get the government scholarship so her hope to continue to university started diminishing since her dad wasn’t able to pay her university tuition, because the produce from the farm wasn’t enough. Cynthia I spent one year at home without any hope to further her studies. She applied to TNHF because it was her only hope to be able to achieve her goal of joining university. Cynthia I feels her dreams will come true after finishing university. Now she has hope for the future!

Cynthia I is studying accounting at Adventist University of Central Africa (AUCA ). She is so proud of her course and knows it will help her achieve her dream of being a business woman. Cynthia I will support her community and her family to overcome poverty by teaching them how to save and how to use their funds properly in order to start small businesses.

Cynthia I’s favorite drink is juice. Outside of her studies, she likes to join groups of singers in her church choir.