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    • March 1, 2021 – Bridget shared her biggest lessons from 2020: “As a high school graduate from one the prestigious school in the country, after graduation, I conceived of doing something bigger to give back to my community. But the year 2020 came as a challenge. I was really fascinated by the world economy and I decided to make a change in our community’s financial problems. Many small companies and banks have problems in financial management.
      When COVID-19 broke in, it crippled everything. As I was trying to volunteer in one of the cooperative and ensure the efficient running of the business and avoid the losses they previously faced, business, cooperatives and some other financial institution which I yearned to positively contribute to were closed. This challenged me to think out of the box. COVID-19 also affected my Sunday teaching that I used to provide at the church.
      Considering how I can contribute to fix the matter, I decided to major in Finance and get to know thoroughly about finance and help the country to combat all the financial problems resulting from the pandemic.”

Bridget’S CIRCLE


Bridget is the third born out of seven children. She was born and raised in Uganda up to age six. She lived there with her parents and siblings until their father died. Life became more challenging and complicated because her mother had no job, which made surviving and obtaining an education difficult. This forced her mother to bring Bridget to Rwanda’s Nyagatare district, where she stayed with her grandparents who helped pay her school fees, although it was not easy for them. Through her grandparents’ help, Bridget managed to finish her primary and high school with good grades.

Bridget grew up in a community with its share of effects from the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda and was still working hard to get back on their feet to build unity and reconciliation. Christianity is a common religion; it has helped the Rwandan community through establishing counseling in churches. Bridget had an opportunity to attend various boarding schools, and she met lots of people. In her school, they said, “appreciating diversity and looking for how each one has a role to play in society.” Various leadership positions she has held have instilled in Bridget the ability to keep time and to coordinate with others.

Bridget’s dream is to become a successful female entrepreneur who will give young people jobs, train, and equip them with skills that will enable them to become successful entrepreneurs, thereby making my community a better place. She hopes this will be the result of studying Finance at the university.

Bridget likes singing, helping little children by teaching them, especially in Sunday schools, and helping people around her in any way she can.