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    • April 16, 2024 – Our students shared what was most meaningful to them from our recent Leadership Development Workshop. Aime said: “The best part of the leadership workshop for me was a special thing Desmond Tutu said: “Real leaders are not blinded by the power but recognize their role as servants.” This means that good leaders should help and serve others, not just use their power. This idea made me think differently about leadership. It made me see that being a leader is about being humble, caring, and wanting to help others. The workshop also made me think about the important people and events in my life. Thinking about both the good and bad times showed me that they all helped me to keep going and try harder. They taught me to be strong and keep my focus on helping others, not just on having power. I have also had time to think about this phrase: “I am from” and I am now working on my poem which will help me to let go of all those bad things and give me the courage to keep going.”


J. and B. Magley – Enumclaw, WA


“It is time to go to your uncle, son.” These were words Aime didn’t want to hear, even though, if he was to have any future at all, living with his uncle was a must. It meant leaving his Mom and sisters. It meant living with a different family. But Aime didn’t have any other choice….

Aime grew up in a rural village in Rwanda. Everyone in his village struggled with the basic necessities of life. So, his family was not alone in these struggles. Aime was the firstborn son in a family that included his father and his father’s two wives. When Aime was twelve years old, his father left with his first wife, leaving Aime, his Mom, his three siblings to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, Aime’s Mom struggled with illness and was unable to work. So, life was very hard. Aime knew education was the only way he could make life better for himself and his family. Thankfully, Aime had an uncle who was willing to help him go to school. He studied hard and did well, both in primary and secondary school.

Aime attends the University of Rwanda, where he is studying General Medicine. Growing up, he saw the impact of poor access to medical services in rural areas. His own family had to walk 28 miles to the nearest hospital. So, Aime wants more for his village – and for all rural areas in Rwanda. Aime’s dream is to become a medical specialist who will do everything possible to improve medical services in rural areas.

After graduating from secondary school, Aime volunteered his time to help bring positive change to his village. In fact, he was chosen by his community to serve as the sector leader for all volunteer activities in his village and the surrounding area. He’s in charge of leading, coordinating, and planning all volunteer activities, whether it be helping to build houses for the poor, building toilets, or facilitating other improvement projects within the community.