CELEBRATE OUR ALUMNI WHO SHARE WHY IT’S MEANT SO MUCH TO THEM TO PAY FORWARD WHAT HAS BEEN INVESTED IN THEM. If able, our alumni pay forward a portion of what’s been invested in them so that another student can experience the same education and support they’ve received.


Meet Jocelyn

Being a TNHF scholar  is one of the best things that has ever happened to me because it enlightened my life in several ways, through things such as the monthly leadership development workshops, social events (like the graduation party and the Christmas party), and the quarterly Girls’ Night Out workshops. The TNHF family gave me a lot of sisters and brothers. TNHF was home and we felt warmth and love. 

I graduated in 2019 and I am now working with an NGO called Partners in Health. I serve as the pharmacy program coordinator in two districts. 

It’s always a pleasure to be back home and chat with my TNHF brothers and sisters. The TNHF alumni platform helps us share opportunities and helps us keep in touch. 

Paying forward what’s been invested in me should be a leadership value for all of us. Not only in terms of the loan, but as a TNHF alum I owe a lot to the community. All the leadership skills that I gained from TNHF must be shared with every person I get a chance to connect with. Paying it forward is important to me because there are still students who need school fees, just as I needed them when I joined TNHF – it’s their last hope. Paying it forward makes me believe that I am impacting someone’s life as mine was impacted through education. I wish that every alum gets a job and gives back to the community so that we have an educated generation who are the future decision makers and leaders of the world. 

Meet Eddy

I graduated in 2020 with a degree in Medicine and I am currently working in a Public District Hospital as a medical doctor treating patients. I also serve in my local church.

Being a TNHF scholar gave me leadership skills and experience, including my Community Impact Project. These skills and experiences have enabled me to better serve my patients, work with colleagues, and be fruitful in the areas of my influence.

Paying forward what’s been invested in me is a responsibility I have towards the TNHF family because I believe that to whom much is given, much is expected. If I was given the opportunity to be able to study in good condition without having to worry about how I will survive, while gaining different skills and experiences help me, I believe that someone else can also benefit if I faithfully pay it forward. Paying forward is connected to integrity and faithfulness and it is what leaders and Christians should be characterized with. 

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