Partner with us to raise $25,000 and help fight food insecurity! 


Progress towards Goal of $25,000

This Spring, we are walking with our students as they move Forward Into The Future. We have so much to celebrate, including the graduation of 25 of These Numbers Have Faces’ scholars! 

However, this year is not without significant challenges. Food insecurity is a significant issue as sky-rocketing inflation continues to impact Rwanda and our students. Access to nutritious meals is one of the most effective ways to ensure positive learning outcomes for our students. Did you know that:

      • Nearly one fifth of the population in Rwanda is food insecure.
      • The cost of basic food commodities, such as beans and rice, has more than doubled.
      • Food insecurity can have long-term impacts, across generations.

In 2023, due to inflation, we again felt compelled to increase our students’ monthly food stipends to make sure our students are able to eat properly. It’s hard to study well when you are hungry! We also provide meals at our student workshops. The cost of these meals, meals our students depend on, also rose dramatically. Due to these needs, we’ve had to increase our 2023 budget by $18,000 to cover these costs and ensure our students have the resources they need to become the next generation of leaders in East Africa.

This month, our goal is to raise $25,000 to ensure we have the funding to cover these rising food costs and still fulfill our commitment to educating, equipping, and empowering the 70 students in our University Leadership Program. As part of our program, each TNHF scholar receives tuition, books, room & board, school fees, and participation in monthly Leadership Development workshops.

Make your gift today and walk alongside these amazing young scholars as they move forward into their future!

All month long our students will be sharing stories of their hopes for their future. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see their photos and videos. Our hope is that you will be compelled by these stories to partner with these amazing emerging leaders!