2022 Spring Campaign

Open Doors, Thriving Communities 

The goal of our 2022 Spring Campaign is $35,000

Building Thriving Communities

As part of our program, students complete a Community Impact Project, which gives them the opportunity to apply what they learn in their university classrooms and Leadership Development Workshops to real life needs within their communities. 

When you partner with the brilliant young leaders in our University Leadership Program, you not only open the door to their future, but you also provide the support for our students to empower their communities! 

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Updates From Our Students

Our students will share how being a These Numbers Have Faces scholar has changed their lives, updates on their Community Impact Projects, and how they’re creating lasting change in their communities!

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How You Can Help

This Spring, we are celebrating Open Doors, Thriving Communities! Not only are COVID-19 restrictions easing, but a new academic year is kicking off and we are welcoming new students, resuming our student Community Impact Projects (which were paused due to COVID-19), and seeing our recent graduates obtain jobs! 

We are excited to see these doors open for the brilliant, young leaders in our program, but barriers remain and we need YOUR help. Our typical goal for the Spring Campaign has been $25,000. But inflation is really hitting Rwanda hard — even harder than in the United States. In fact, we project inflation costs will add an unexpected $10,000 to our food and transportation budget this year. So, our goal this year is $35,000. 

We are raising money through our Spring Campaign to ensure we have the funding to cover these rising costs and still fulfill our commitment to the 65 students in our University Leadership Program. Your gift will help our students open the door to their future, while also empowering them to cultivate thriving communities! 

Every year, you make a huge impact on the lives of our students, their families and communities in East Africa.  We wanted to share with you the impact that wouldn’t be possible without your generosity!