2021 Spring Campaign

we are committed to our students through
whatever disruptions and challenges they face

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The goal of our 2021 Spring Campaign is $25,000

New Students

We are thrilled to invite 27 new students to join our program this year! When we accept students into our program, like we just did in March, we make a commitment to them for the duration of their academic program.

These brilliant young leaders have already overcome so many challenges by the time they enter our program, so we want to remove barriers, like struggling to make tuition payments or food insecurity, so they can focus on their studies, Leadership Workshops, and Community Impact Projects!

We hope you will follow us on social media as we introduce the newest students to participate in our University Leadership Program!  

Stories of Resilience

We will share stories of the challenges our students have faced while in our University Leadership Program, how we stood by them, and their resilience as they continue to pursue their dreams!

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Funding to Adapt

This year, we are raising money through our Spring Campaign to ensure we have the funding to adapt to changes in the Rwandan academic calendar caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, funding to pivot our programming and address special needs like food insecurity as they arise, and funding to fulfill our commitment to the 64 students in our University Leadership Program so that we can be a constant in their lives in the midst of still so much uncertainty.  

Your generosity makes it possible for These Numbers Have Faces to be flexible and adaptable, while also remaining a constant in the lives of our students! 

Every year, you make a huge impact on the lives of our students, their families and communities in East Africa.  We wanted to share with you the impact that wouldn’t be possible without your generosity!