Get to know our students as they share their favorite songs and WHY THEY MEAN SO MUCH.


My song is “Greater Tomorrow” by David Ekene: I love this song. Whenever I feel the world is against me or whenever I feel like giving up, I play this song because it encourages me to believe good things will come tomorrow. It tells me that what I am facing today is not final, but rather I can look forward to the next day and hope for it.


Frank B

My favorite song is “Omukisa Gwa Mukama” by Judith Babirye: This song speaks to my life and my family’s life. It teaches me to not be discouraged, but instead encourages me to believe in Jesus.


My favorite song is “Everything” by Timi Dakolo: This is a beautiful song and I love it so much. It gives me strength and motivates me a lot. It reminds me how my mother used to work hard in order for us to survive. I also have to believe in myself and work hard. I must also be a hustler. So, “everything I put my hand, go work in Jesus’s name. Amen.”



My song is Imana ni Urunkundo by Mery Melody: This is a Kinyarwandan song that always reminds me that God is love. In all the hardships of this life, God is always by our side. When things go well in this life, most of the time we forget God. He never forgets us. This is the song I listen to during tough and difficult times.




My favorite song is called “Izuba” by the RDF military band: It means more to me because it shows me how Rwanda survived. Rwanda suffered heavily in the wake of the 1994 genocide, but has since become strong. As the younger generation, it is our responsibility to love and protect our country. We are all Rwandans.


Ange Felix

The song I want to share is “Promises” by Maverick City featuring Joe L Barnes: The reason I shared this song is because God will never change, no matter what you are going through. Just go back to him, praise him, give him your heart, and see miracles in your life. This song defines me a lot. There is this one time where my faith was completely lost, but my mother, whom I love so much, told me a word of God in Isaiah 60:22: “When it is the right time I, the Lord, I will make it happen.” From that day, my faith was revived. Then, when I hear this song, it feels like they are singing about me.


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