Africa is rising. We invest in women to lead and empower their countries.

The education and empowerment of women is the secret weapon to fighting poverty. Today, young women in Africa are poised to lead the continent to a new era of peace and prosperity. These Numbers Have Faces recognizes the vast potential of women across all sectors of society. Through access to university, leadership trainings and entrepreneurship opportunities, we empower Africa’s brightest young scholars to lead their countries. Learn more about our programs.

Empowering young women

Women stop poverty

Educated women have been proven to break the cycle of generational poverty. In the next 20 years, women are poised to contribute significantly to the reduction of global poverty.

They change things

An educated woman changes things. She offsets power structures, disrupts ideologies, and forever impacts her family, community, and country.

Women are rising

These Numbers Have Faces invests in young women to develop their talents, character and skills to prepare them for their role as the next generation of African change-makers.

why women?

Reasons to Invest In Africa

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