our vision

We believe Africa needs a new generation of leaders.

Thanks to people like you, this new generation is on the rise.

Many of the problems Africa faces are caused by a single factor: Poor Leadership.

Issues of ethics, morality, and corruption from people in positions of power are some of the biggest contributors to violence, poverty, and inequality across the continent.

These Numbers Have Faces invests in university students and young entrepreneurs, preparing them for a life of leadership in their communities.

Our work spans three countries and impacts over 10,000 people annually.
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University students in Rwanda

our core values

We believe God is alive, moving, and working. We believe we’ve been invited to partner with Him, to join with others, to solve problems, and be a light in dark places. We believe there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

We believe our work is incomplete. We believe we are sowing seeds to be harvested by others. We believe there are countless more who will pick up where we leave off. This is liberation. This belief enables us to do something today and to do it very well.

We believe the world needs people just like you. People who are inspired and empowered to confront the most pressing challenges of our time. While it’s tempting to wish for the heroes of our history, we believe all of us have been chosen for today.

our name

Every day we hear terrible statistics that document the harsh reality of our world. We chart war, calculate disease, analyze famine, and graph slavery. Africa is often at the heart of these calculations as we’ve all seen the numbers about Africa that paint a negative picture of the continent.


Our name expresses a world changing idea. We don’t see Africa as hopeless, we see it full of life and color, light and opportunity. While figures and data are important tools to measuring complex social issues, we believe that there are people behind the statistics. A number is difficult to connect with, but when we see those numbers as real people, we find a purpose that compels us to action.