University Leadership Program

In many communities in Africa, brilliant young students are thriving in high school and excited about their future. Unfortunately, without a pathway to university and larger opportunities, their hard work and achievement is often squandered.

These Numbers Have Faces provides the last mile of support on the road to education. We identify promising students from poor, rural, or post-conflict communities and provide them the opportunity to attend university, become leaders, and change their communities.

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Leadership Loans

Leadership Loan

Leadership Loans are social impact loans for ambitious African students to attend top African universities. A Leadership Loan of $3,600 provides a full year of tuition, books, transport and programming. When a student graduates, a significant portion of their loan is forgiven and they reinvest the remaining portion of their loan back into the program for a new student behind them.

Our scholars understand that with an amazing opportunity comes the responsibility to pay it forward.

Community Impact Program

Alongside 50 hours per year of required Community Service, our scholars attend monthly training sessions in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Professional Development, and are welcomed into a supportive family of friends.

Community Service

Community Service

The most important aspect of the Community Impact Program is a sense of community responsibility for our students. Students develop empathy and project management skills while investing 50 hours every year into a local organization they personally support.



Any student who has the grit and academic skills to make it to university in Africa has the potential for leadership. Through trainings and our comprehensive Leadership Handbook, we believe students can develop into strategic, compassionate and ethical leaders in their communities.



Entrepreneurship is the key to Africa’s development and prosperity, yet many students don’t realize the incredible potential they have to create the next phase of African businesses. In the fall of 2015, we're launching the Accelerate Academy, a one year fellowship offering training, mentoring, and access to capital for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Fincancial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Money management is an important step toward future prosperity. In a world of corruption and financial mismanagement, it's crucial for every student to attend financial literacy training and learn how to manage a bank account, balance a budget, avoid debt, and invest for the future.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Students need to graduate ready for the job market with the skills, insights, and abilities to succeed. Through resume writing, interview skills, and professional development training, our students will be equipped to compete for top positions.

Family of Friends

Family of Friends

Students join a community of dozens of other scholars during their time in university. This community becomes a support system in times of hardship and who students feel accountable to when it's time to reinvest. The family of friends is one of the key reasons for the success of These Numbers Have Faces.

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