We believe educated, empowered, and community driven young people are the best vehicles for social change. To solve many of the problems Africa faces, the continent needs talented young people with formidable character, ethics, leadership skills, and a deep passion for their communities. Our programs operate out of our Rwandan headquarters serving students from Rwanda, Burundi, and DR Congo.


University Leadership Program

In Sub-Saharan Africa, only 5% of qualified high school graduates have the opportunity to attend university. 

Our university leadership program couples a social impact loan with leadership training, professional development opportunities, 200 hours of community service, and a supportive family of friends.


Women’s Empowerment initiative

Women are the secret weapon to fighting poverty. Today, young women in Africa are poised to lead the continent to a new era of peace and prosperity.

Through access to university, leadership trainings,entrepreneurship opportunities, and our women’s mentorship program we empower Africa’s brightest young women to lead their countries.

American Internships for African Students

We place exceptional young people in relevant internships to propel their career path forward. These three month internships with innovative American companies produce life-changing results.

To date, we’ve placed interns at Amazon’s Lab 126, Allion USA, Delap CPA, TMT Development, The Portland Timbers, FinancialForce, and Aspen Heights.

Hope Starts Here Refugee Initiative

In dozens of camps all over Rwanda, hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled their homelands due to civil war. They may remain for more than 20 years without opportunities to transition into permanent residences.

The Hope Starts Here initative invests in East African refugees from the DR Congo and Burundi giving them an opportunity for education and leadership development.