In 2016, These Numbers Have Faces have impacted 10,200 people across
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Life after These Numbers Have Faces

Girls in our program will earn 48% more than girls unable to attend university

67.8% of our graduates are currently in repayment

Data of our Education Programs

"Education is a powerful driver of development and one of the strongest instruments for reducing poverty and boosting shared prosperity." - The World Bank



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3,700hours of community service

The Problems We Solve

Access to Education
Only 5% of college aged students in Sub-Saharan Africa are enrolled in university, compared to nearly 70% in the first world. With only one country offering a comprehensive student loan program, a university education on average costs an African family 170% of their per capita income. This is what’s known as an education gap. We aim to solve this problem by ensuring that thousands of talented students who wouldn’t have access to university are sitting in desks after high school.

Women's Empowerment
The education and empowerment of women is the secret weapon to fighting poverty. Yet, less than 1% of college-aged women in a country like Rwanda are enrolled in university. Of all the countries we work in, not one of them provides equal access to women in education, business, or civil society. We aim to address this problem by investing heavily in the education and empowerment of young women.

Leadership Gap
Many African countries have suffered from poor leadership in government, civil society, and major sectors of the economy. We seek to address this problem by providing values-based leadership training, access to mentorship, and engagement in a community of like-minded peers.

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The Power of Education in Africa

Education isn’t a handout. Education is an investment. By investing in the education of African students, we can invest in the future of Africa. The data on education in Africa is clear:

education increases access

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