"Education is a powerful driver of development and one of the strongest instruments for
reducing poverty and boosting shared prosperity." - The World Bank

To ensure our programs are as effective as possible, quantitative impact evaluation is a central part of our mission. See the data below and explore our impact, goals, measurement tools, and long-term outcomes.

impact snapshot

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2016/17 impact

university leadership program


Through our programs, 261 African students have gained access to university. (2009 - 2017)

The Basics (2016/2017)

We accepted 105 students in 2017 compared to 82 students in 2016. An increase of 22%.

Gender Empowerment

In Rwandan universities and throughout East Africa, on average, women make up only 30% of the student body.1 In contrast, 51% of the 2017 These Numbers Have Faces scholars are female.

1. University of Rwanda

Community Impact (2016/2017)

As required by our programs, 100% of These Numbers Have Faces students complete 50 hours of community service projects annually. In 2017, students will serve in hospitals, schools, construction sites, and other non-for-profit organizations.


On average, 60% of African students who begin university will never graduate.2 These Numbers Have Faces boasts a 92% graduation rate overall.

2. Harvard University - Africa Higher Education


In Rwanda, 65% of young people are underemployed with 125,000 first-time job seekers entering the job market each year.3 These Numbers Have Faces graduates tell a different story with 73% employed within one year of graduation.

While 100% of our students complete internships in Rwanda, 14 university students have visited the United States for three month professional internships to bolster their skills. Of those fourteen, 100% of them have repaid their tuition loans back to These Numbers Have Faces to invest in a new student.

3. United Nations - Youth Economic Opportunity in Rwanda

University Leadership Program impact in 2017: 5,750 lives impacted

(Includes students, their families, and people impacted through community projects)

accelerate academy entrepreneurship program

Through our Accelerate programs, 213 entrepreneurs have received hands-on business training (2015-2017).

In total, 33 ventures have received start-up capital.

Through the Accelerate finale pitch events, $61,000 of total investment has been offered to Rwandan entrepreneurs.

In total, 26 businesses are currently making profit.

21 businesses are employing others.

In total, 93 jobs have been created by Accelerate Academy entrepreneurs.

Accelerate Academy impact in 2017: 5,030 lives impacted

(Includes entrepreneurs, their families, employees, customers, and people impacted through community projects)

Total 2017 These Numbers Have Faces program impact: 10,780 lives impacted

(Includes university and entrepreneurship programs. Students, entrepreneurs, their families, employees, customers, and people impacted through community projects)

our impact goals

Goal 1:

Scholars/Entrepreneurs are smart, skilled, and qualified

Goal 2:

Scholars/Entrepreneurs are serving their communities and becoming local agents for change.

Goal 3:

Scholars/Entrepreneurs are investing in their country and their peers socially and econonmically.

Goal 4:

Scholars/Entrepreneurs are becoming community makers.

Goal 5:

Scholars/Entrepreneurs are vision focused and are taking advantage of opportunities.

We gather this data in a few different ways:

Scholar Surveys - We conduct surveys at various points in time throughout our programs to measure scholars' and entrepreneur's change over time in comparison to baseline data. We focus on the development of hard and soft skills for our scholars and entrepreneurs, and look to see how our entrepreneurs are economically growing their ventures.

Home and Field Visits - We care deeply about each of our scholars and entrepeneurs and so we take the time to visit them either in their homes or at the sites of their businesses. In addition to interviews in the field, we also conduct interviews during our monthly group meetings with our scholars. This enables us to get accurate and honest data that is up to date.

SMS Messaging - When we can't meet with our scholars or entrepreneurs, we can always text them! If we need a survey or interview question answered, we can easily reach them via SMS messaging and check-in to see how they are doing and get real time data.

desired outcomes


Investment in an African scholar through an annual Leadership Loan

immediate outcomes

with your investment

your investment enables:

University access & tuition payments

Purchase of books & transportation

Leadership programming & future reinvestment

long-term outcomes

of a university degree

university graduation, internship, full-time job

lasting change for communities,

poverty reduction, a new generation of African leaders


Investment in an African entrepreneur to scale their business

immediate outcomes

of your investment

your investment enables:

Attending the 3 day Accelerate Summit

8 months of training in The Accelerate Academy

Opportunity for substantial investment at the Accelerate Finale

long-term outcomes

of economic empowerment

Enterprise growth & job creation

lasting market growth in Africa,

poverty reduction, reduced unemployment

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