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CAREER: Statistician

GRAD DATE: Aug 2018


    • Jan 25, 2018 – The last book Ornella read that was very impactful for her was, Crazy Love. She learned that some people are willing to downsize their home to share with others!
    • Dec 18, 2017 – On Christmas Ornella says that family and friends gather together to share food and drinks! Ornella thinks that the word her friends would describe her as is “strong” because she does not get easily discouraged and is always smiling even when things are difficult.
    • Nov 11, 2017 – Ornella is thankful that God gave her a heart for others, to love and serve them unconditionally! She is planning on spending this Christmas as her campus.
    • Oct 8, 2017 – Ornella spent her summer doing an internship in data management at the hospital. She is excited about beginning her final year at university.
    • March 28, 2017 – When asked about the 3 things she values most, Ornella said honesty, friendship and empowering others to help them improve their lives!
    • Feb 13, 2017 – “I feel empowered when I see people who have been struggling in life but still have hope and continue to do good things. It inspires me and makes me feel like I have power in me for changing things around me.” – Ornella
    • Jan 17, 2017 – Life isn’t without challenges. Last year, a challenge Ornella faced was trying to advise a family member to seek the treatment she needed. From this experience, she learned the importance of trust and listening.
    • Dec 8, 2016 – Ornella is excited for 2017. Her goals are to work hard in the field she is most passionate about — mental health, and to become more confident! Ornella is reading books on how to be her most confident self. So proud of her!
    • Nov 20, 2016 – When asked about what she’s thankful for, Ornella said her belief in herself, for their was a time when she thought she would be nothing. She’s also grateful for the success of her siblings!
    • Oct 14, 2016 – The highlight of Ornella’s summer was her time volunteering at a local hospital where she worked with children who have heart problems. Her favorite thing was to read them stories. Ornella said she was the one who came away inspired!
    • June 30, 2016 – While it was her 1st year at University and first year in Rwanda, Ornella created a These Numbers Have Faces magazine — and it’s incredible! The publication features stories from staff, scholars and other inspiring leaders.
    • April 20, 2016 – When Ornella thinks of role model leaders, she pictures Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. What she admires most about Dr. King was his courage — to not back down in the face of opposition and hatred.
    • March 11, 2016 – When Ornella fled to Rwanda last year, she came knowing only a little English. It is amazing to see the progress she’s made in such a short time! Her goal this term is to improve even more!
    • Feb 1, 2016 – Ornella recently read “No Easy Walk to Freedom” by Nelson Mandela! From his book, she learned about his life experiences and how they shaped him to be the great man he was!
    • Jan 20, 2016 – Ornella’s Community Impact Project is teaching street youth how to read and write. We’re so thankful Ornella is volunteering her time to teach children who would not otherwise receive an education!
    • Dec 28, 2015 – What was the most meaningful moment of Ornella’s year? When she and her university’s choir sang before her fellow students. Ornella said that many people responded to the worship by choosing to follow Christ!
    • Nov 25, 2015 – The holiday season is special to Ornella Pacis. Her favorite things about this time of year are the opportunities for families to get together to share, dance, pray, and also eat delicious food!
    • Nov 10, 2015 – How many languages does Ornella Pacis speak? 3! Kirundi, English and French!

Ornella’S CIRCLE

  • H. Park – Hillsboro, OR
  • E. & S. Armstrong – Beaverton, OR
  • A. & J. Fernow – Hillsboro, OR
  • E. Larson – Beaverton, OR
  • D. Dereiko & B. Concannon –
  • T. Larson – Seaview, WA
  • Intel – Hillsboro, OR


Earlier this year, Ornella Pacis fled Burundi along with thousands of others who are fleeing the country due to violence. Despite being in a new country and culture, she persevered and secured a place at the National University of Rwanda. Ornella Pacis is motivated to work hard and succeed in university, as her little brother is still in Burundi. Even though she has experienced a lot of stress in her life, you will rarely see Ornella Pacis without a smile on her face.

“I will never thank you enough for your support. I can’t tell you how it makes me feel to know that there are others who care for me, believe in me, and are praying for me. Last year I was living in Burundi, a country on the brink of Civil War, and not able to pay for my education. But because of your big and great heart, now I am in a peaceful place in Rwanda, a good university, and I have hope in the future. I can dream big.”