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Olivier G

Olivier G


Olivier G

Our Goal: A circle of supporters giving $300/month or $3600 for the year

Olivier G


Tumba college of technology

Olivier G

Electronics and Telecommunications

CAREER: Engineer

GRAD DATE: Aug 2019


  • Nov 11, 2017 - Olivier says he is thankful to be a part of These Numbers Have Faces and it is something he doesn't want to take for granted. He loves Christmas since he gets to spend it at home, and be a part of the holiday choir!
  • Oct 8, 2017 - The best moments of Olivier's summer were being accepted into the These Numbers Have Faces leadership program! and getting a driver's license. He is excited about starting his second year at university.

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Born into a community and family devastated by the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, Olivier’s family lived day-to-day toward healing. Day by day, Olivier sees further evidence of reconciliation and cooperation in his village.
With 9 children school, and a mother who is very ill, Olivier’s father works as hard as possible to reap the best harvest to pay for school fees. The family’s dedication to education is evident by the sacrifices they have made for each of the kids.

To continue a lifelong passion for technology and robotics Olivier is excited to pursue a degree in Electronics and Telecommunication. He will be a vital part to his developing city, and dreams of bringing efficiency, technology, and jobs to his neighbors.

Olivier is passionate about working with others! He is an advisor to many committees, a treasurer of his choir, and a member of his school’s basketball team.

USA: 537 SE Ash Street, Suite 204 Portland, Oregon 97214
RWANDA: PO Box 2124 Kigali, Rwanda


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  • The Bernhardts • Oregon

    The Bernhardts • Oregon

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