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CAREER: Accountant

GRAD DATE: Aug 2019


    • November 19, 2018 – Laurence wants to be known for her financial management career, but she also wants to be an entrepreneur who created employment especially in rural communities! This semester she hopes how hard she has been studying will pay off with good grades!
    • July 7, 2018 – Over the last year, Laurence was faced with the challenge of fitting in her community impact project and having time to study for her classes. Although it felt like she had to squeeze it all in, she was able to make a schedule for everything and finish the year strong! This summer, she will be taking classes and is looking forward to putting time towards specific things she wants to improve in.
    • May 12, 2018 – Laurence values singing and praying to God, because they bring her joy and help her grow in her faith.
    • March 25, 2018 – When Laurence was younger, she wanted to be a singer when she grew up because she always loved singing in her church choir! In five years, she sees herself graduated from university working as a professional accountant!
    • Feb 27, 2018 – The person who inspires Laurence the most is her mother. Laurence said she inspires her because she treats every child as her own, she always has a positive mindset, and forgives people despite their mistakes.
    • Jan 25, 2018 – Laurence read Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. And it was interesting to her because it helped show her what habits successful leaders have and how she can practice those habits in her daily life!
    • Dec 15, 2017 – In Rwanda there aren’t traditional foods on Christmas but usually people try to get some type of meat for their meal, they also sing and play Christmas and gospel songs. The word Laurence’s friends would describe her as is “happy” because she loves to be social and is always smiling!
    • Nov 11, 2017 – Laurence is thankful that she can be excited about her future and her ability to attend university because of the support of These Numbers Have Faces. She thanks God for putting people in her life who believe in her.
    • Oct 8, 2017 – Over the summer, Laurence enjoyed encouraging her family and some neighbors to do a few work outs with her! After her being away for the summer she is excited to see her friends again.
    • May 25, 2017 – Something Laurence wishes more people knew about Rwanda is that it’s a rapidly developing country!
    • March 27, 2017 – When asked about the 3 things she values most, Laurence said time, forgiveness and gratitude!
    • Feb 13, 2017 – What makes Laurence feel empowered is being part of a family in These Numbers Have Faces where she is surrounded by people who help her in daily life and to have a brighter future.
    • Jan 17, 2017 – Life isn’t without challenges. Last year Laurence had a loaded schedule. With classes from morning until night, it was challenging, but she learned a lot about time management!
    • Dec 8, 2016 – In 2017 Laurence wants to align her goals with her vision to become a good leader. Her goals are to improve her marks in her classes, and pay close attention to her behaviors as to become a more compassionate leader!
    • Nov 20, 2016 – When asked about what she’s thankful for, Laurence said all those who have supported so that she could study at University. Their advice, sacrifices and encouragement are anchors of her strength.
    • June 30, 2016 – Laurence just finished her 1st year at University! This summer she’ll be back home in Gihembe Refugee Camp where she plans to educate students about HIV/Aids prevention, help her family with housework, and read a book from our Leade
    • April 20, 2016 – When Laurence thinks of role model leaders, she pictures Nelson Mandela. What she admires most about Mandela was his commitment to peace, even when there was great opposition.
    • March 4, 2016 – When asked about her new goals for term, Laurence said she wants to work even harder to continue to improve her scores at University. We believe she can achieve that goal!
    • Feb 1, 2016 – Laurence enjoys reading her These Numbers Have Faces Leadership Guide! Her favorite section so far has been on creating a vision.
    • Jan 21, 2016 – Laurence’s Community Impact Project is working with youth in Gihembe Refugee Camp to help decrease violence, drug use and prostitution. Laurence hopes to inspire youth to live in a way that is healthy and honoring to them!
    • Dec 28, 2015 –The highlight of Laurence’s year was her first day at University! It has been Laurence’s dream to continue her education, and her first day of school reminded her that nothing is impossible!
    • Oct 28, 2015 – How many languages does Laurence speak? 3! Kinyarwanda, French and English!

Laurence’S CIRCLE

  • A. & J. Salyer – Salem, OR


Laurence and her seven siblings grew up in a two-bedroom mud hut in Gihembe Refugee Camp in Rwanda, where the family fled due to violence in DR Congo. Her parents have long dreamed of a day when life will improve. With a university education, Laurence believes she can break the cycles of poverty.

In her culture, however, there is a belief that only boys should receive an education. Laurence wants to challenge that, get her degree in accounting, and start her own business. This will help her provide jobs for others in her community and help build a better society, especially for the next generation.