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University of Rwanda

Career Technology

Civil Engineering

CAREER: Engineer

GRAD DATE: Aug 2019


    • Jan 25, 2018 – Something that really stuck with Juliette recently, was when she was reading her Bible. She loves when it talks about knocking and the door will be opened, and how we are called to be humble because Jesus humbled himself as well.
    • Dec 15, 2017 – On Christmas Juliette says people usually wear new traditional clothes such as Mishanana, and they try their best to have meat on for Christmas dinner! A word Juliette says her friends would describe her as would be “serious” since she is so focused on her work and schooling.
    • Nov 11, 2017 – Juliette is thankful for what God has done in her life, for the beloved These Numbers Have Faces aunties for their love and care; She is also thankful for her mother! She looks forward to spending time with her family for Christmas.
    • Oct 8, 2017 – Juliet enjoyed spending her summer doing an internship, and is excited to be starting her final year at university!
    • May 25, 2017 – Something Juliette wishes more people knew about Rwanda is that it’s a country of servant leaders.
    • March 28, 2017 – When asked about the 3 things she values most, Juliette said honesty, praying to God and compassion!
    • Feb 13, 2017 – Something that empowers Juliette is knowing that she is a girl who has chosen to study engineering — something that most girls in her community haven’t done before. Juliette is paving the way!
    • Jan 17, 2017 – Life isn’t without challenges. Last year, a challenge Juliette faced was the loss of her father. While painful to lose someone you love, Juliette learned this lesson: “You can face any situation in life is you have persistence.”
    • Dec 8, 2016 – In 2017 Juliette’s goals are to increase her marks, practice better time management, and make time to develop more meaningful friendships. What great goals!
    • Nov 20, 2016 – When asked about what she’s thankful for, Juliette said the support of her These Numbers Have Faces community who have reminded her she is not alone.
    • Oct 14, 2016 – This summer was a hard one for Juliette. After losing her father, it was difficult to concentrate on her summer internship. Juliette said she’s so grateful for the support of her family and family through TNHF.
    • June 30, 2016 – Juliette just finished her 2nd year at University! This summer she plans to practice for her driver’s license, visit her aunt in Gisenyi, and working on her family farm.
    • April 20, 2016 – When Juliette thinks of role model leaders, she pictures Jean Claude, the headmaster of her former high school. What Juliette admires most about him was how much he cared for his students.
    • March 11, 2016 – When asked about her new goals for term, Juliette said she wants to focus on taking what she learns in her classes and applying it in the real world. We can’t wait to see what she does!
    • Feb 9, 2016 – Juliette recently read a book on engineering, and learned about the importance of surveying before construction. We love how Juliette’s passion for engineering inspires her personal reading!
    • Jan 21, 2016 – Juliette’s Community Impact Project this year is teaching English to youth in her community! We’re so thankful she’s volunteering her time to help students pursue their education!
    • Dec 17, 2015 – What was Juliette’s happiest moment of the semester? The These Numbers Have Faces Christmas Party! Juliette said she enjoyed celebrating the holiday with her fellow scholars and staff.
    • Oct 15, 2015 – How many languages does Juliette speak? 3! English, Kinyarwanda and French!
    • April 8, 2015 – When Juliette is feelings stressed, she says she likes to sing her favorite songs and tell jokes with her friends. Laughter is always good for the soul!
    • March 2, 2015 – For Juliette’s Community Impact Project, she is teaching high school students about science to help prepare them for their future coursework. We’re so thankful Juliette’s love of science inspired her to help teach others!
    • Jan 5, 2015 – A tradition is Juliette’s family is talking with her parents about the changing culture and comparing it to what her generation faces today. Thoughtful conversations like those definitely help in bridging generational gaps!

Juliette’S CIRCLE

  • T. & C. Wenglar – Austin, TX


Juliette is from the Gasabo district of Rwanda, an area that contains sharp contrasts between the rich and poor. As a child, Juliette remembers seeing poorer members of her community in uncomfortable living situations and without electricity. After asking herself what she could do to help these people, she saw civil engineering as a way to improve the quality of life in her village. When she graduates, Juliette hopes to design energy-efficient and affordable homes!