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Japhet M

Japhet M


Japhet M

Our Goal: A circle of supporters giving $300/month or $3600 for the year

Japhet M

D.R. Congo

Mount Kenya University

Japhet M


CAREER: Pharmacist

GRAD DATE: Aug 2018


  • Nov 11, 2017 - Japhet is thankful for the support of These Numbers Have Face, and the ability to study at university through their support and how it is changing his life! He loves spending time planning for another year with his family!
  • Oct 8, 2017 - Japhet spent his summer helping his family at home, and is excited to start school again because he feels like it has been a long time!
  • May 25, 2017 - Something Japhet wishes more people knew about Rwanda is that it's a very peaceful country, despite what happened in the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.
  • March 27, 2017 - When asked about the 3 things he values most, Japhet said honesty, keeping promises, and trying one's best!
  • Feb 13, 2017 - A promise that empowers Japhet is his belief in a better future for tomorrow. Amen!
  • Jan 17, 2017 - Life isn't without challenges. Last year Japhet had a difficult class that was intimidating. With hard work and perseverance, he passed!
  • Nov 20, 2016 - When asked about what he's thankful for, Japhet said the opportunity to study at University -- something that seemed impossible until he became part of These Numbers Have Faces.
  • Oct 14, 2016 - Japhet only had two weeks of holiday this summer, which he spent at home with his family helping with work around the home.
  • April 20, 2016 - When Japhet thinks of role model leaders, he pictures Rwandan President Paul Kagame. What Japhet admires most about Kagame is his honesty.
  • Feb 1, 2016 - Japhet recently read a book about building healthy relationships. Whether it’s with his classmates, his family, or community, he said it has helped him have more positive interactions with others!
  • Jan 21, 2016 - For Japhet's Community Impact Project, he is making bricks to build a school in Kiziba Refugee Camp! Japhet's work is going to allow even more students in the camp to receive an education!
  • Dec 28, 2015 - What was the happiest moment of Japhet's year? When he was accepted as a These Numbers Have Faces scholar! Japhet says it's an honor to be part of the TNHF family, and we are so honored to have him!
  • Nov 8, 2015 - How many languages does Japhet speak? 3! Kinyarwanda, French and English!

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Japhet was born in DR Congo, but when he was still very young he and his family fled their home due to violence. Growing up in Kiziba Refugee Camp in Rwanda, Japhet has seen how low standards of living and poor health can adversely impact a community. As one of nine children in his family, it seemed impossible that Japhet would go to University, but he never lost sight of his goals. Now that he is a Medical Student, Japhet is learning skills he believes will not only improve the health of his community, but also help others to live out their dreams! His vision is to one day start a health clinic and educate people about disease prevention.

Japhet is a singer and leader in his church, an advisor for his University’s HIV/AIDS club, and during school holidays he volunteers as a chemistry teacher!

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USA: 537 SE Ash Street, Suite 204 Portland, Oregon 97214
RWANDA: PO Box 2124 Kigali, Rwanda


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