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Aristide R



Rwanda flag


University of Rwanda

Career Technology

Civil Engineering & Construction

CAREER: Engineer

GRAD DATE: Aug 2021


    • March 25, 2018 – When Aristide was younger, he dreamt of becoming either an engineer or a pilot. He is now working towards being a civil engineer because he wants to contribute to his community by helping to provide affordable houses! In five years, he sees himself as an engineer who cares more about his community and others than himself!
    • Feb 27, 2018 – Arstide said the person who inspires him the most is his mother, because she is hardworking and constantly strives to make improvements for their family!
    • Jan 25, 2018 – The last book Aristide read was, The Laws of Attraction. What stood out to him was how you can attract more of what you want in your life, and less of what you don’t want!
    • Nov 11, 2017 – This Thanksgiving Aristide was thankful to belong in the These Numbers Have Faces Family, and to be pursuing the career of his dreams! He loves being able to spend time with his large family during the Christmas season!
    • Oct 8 , 2017 – This summer Arstide and his family were able to celebrate together that he was accepted into the These Numbers Have Faces leadership program! Arstide is excited to start his journey towards his dream career, and hopes to improve his leadership and communication skills through the monthly leadership trainings.

Aristide R’S CIRCLE


Aristide’s family lost their father many years ago, so his mother has given everything to encourage and provide for her three children. Aristide is the youngest child in his family, he is grateful to have ambitious and educated role models like his brother and sister to look up to.

Aristide wants to contribute to his city and country by being part of their construction and development. Not only that, a degree in Civil Engineering will enable him to become self reliant, and give back to his family and community that has shaped who he is today.

Aristide plays basketball, is involved in church activities and has served with Rwanda Red Cross!