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Career Technology

Electrical Engineering

CAREER: Engineer

GRAD DATE: July 2020


    • November 19, 2018 – Alice wants to be known for courage towards problem solving. This semester Alice is working hard to complete her next school project with excellence!
    • July 7, 2018 – This last year, the biggest challenge Alice faced was having to change schools. This meant that she had to completely start over. Although this was a difficult time for her, Alice was able to spend some time with herself to process, and came to the realization that repetition makes perfect, everything happens for a reason, and that you have to keep moving forward. It is still a challenge but she was able to overcome and keep moving towards her goals! Over the summer, Alice is looking forward to spending time with her family and friends, and finishing books that she has started but hadn’t had time to finish during the school year.
    • May 12, 2018 – The two things that are the most valuable to Alice are friendship and happiness, because being in relationship with others and finding the joy in that is what we were made for.
    • March 25, 2018 – When Alice was younger, she dreamt of being an entrepreneur and an engineer because she wanted to prove that women are just as capable to lead businesses! In five years, she sees herself fulfilling this dream and being a successful entrepreneur, a software developer and influencing other girls to follow their dreams!
    • Feb 27, 2018 – Alice said the people who inspire her most are Veda Sunassee and Scovia Mutesi because they are leaders of integrity with wonderful hearts!
    • Jan 25, 2018 – The last book Alice read was, Rework. She said she learned how entrepreneurial leaders should always keep working hard even when facing changes and difficult circumstances!
    • Dec 15, 2017 – Alice explained that since most Rwandans are Christians it is traditional to go to church on Christmas day. She said in her family they cook food and gather their whole family together to share a meal and talk about their highlights of the previous year. Alice says she hopes her friends would describe her as a good role model, because she wants to be the type of person who sets a good example for others to look up to.
    • Nov 11, 2017 – Alice is especially grateful for her good friends this year! During her Christmas holiday she will be home spending time with her parents and siblings!
    • Oct 8, 2017 – This summer Alice had the opportunity to travel outside Rwanda and was able to meet new friends. She is excited to start school and is looking forward to grow her professional and leadership skills.
    • May 25, 2017 – Something Alice wishes more people knew about Rwanda is how the country is filled with smart, mindful people.
    • March 28, 2017 – When asked about the 3 things she values most, Alice said happiness, living with integrity and trustworthiness!
    • Feb 13, 2017 – The things that make Alice feel most empowered are performing well in school, realizing she can run a successful business, and knowing that God loves her!
    • Jan 17, 2017 – Life isn’t without challenges. Last year, a challenge Alice faced was discovering how to use her time more effectively. Between being a full-time student, & starting her own business, Alice is learning the importance of prioritizing!
    • Dec 8, 2016 – 2017 will be a busy and exciting year for Alice. She hopes to take her business (Starlight) to the next level through the Accelerate Academy. Her biggest goal is to be a positive role model to girls in the Gihembe camp!
    • Nov 20, 2016 – When asked about what she’s thankful for, Alice said her education, family and friends.
    • Oct 14, 2016 – Big news again for Alice — she and her business partner Ariane were accepted to be part of the 2nd cohort of the Accelerate Academy! This business is manufacturing solar lamps that also function as cell phone chargers. So exciting!
    • June 30, 2016 – Alice is one month into her engineering internship in Portland, and her skills and confidence have already grown so much! Highlights so far? Meeting Allion CEO, Ryan Hoppes, and adventures with her host family, like traveling to Mt.
    • BIG NEWS! Alice is coming to Portland, OR for a summer internship at Allion USA! Read the story of Alice’s internship to learn more about her journey.
    • April 20, 2016 – When Alice thinks of role model leaders, she pictures Nelson Mandela. What she admires most about Mandela is how he never lost hope of a peaceful South Africa.
    • March 11, 2016 – On Women’s Day, Alice was honored as one of the top female students at her University! Only the girls who received A’s in their classes were awarded this prize. We’re so proud of her!
    • Feb 4, 2016 – Alice is a rockstar at school. Last year she got all A’s!
    • Jan 21, 2016 – Alice’s Community Impact Project is teaching engineering to students in Gihembe Refugee Camp, as well as offering them University and career guidance!
    • Dec 17, 2015 – What was Alice’s happiest moment of the semester? When her school selected her to be a career guidance counselor for secondary students!
    • Nov 4, 2015 – This summer Alice was able to go back to DRC for the first time since her family fled due to violence 18 years ago! Read about her journey, here!
    • Oct 15, 2015 – How many languages does Alice speak? 3! Kinyarwanda, French and English!
    • June 15, 2015 During her summer holiday, Alice is returning to her home in Gihembe Refugee Camp to teach math and interview skills to students at Hope School! She will even use our Leadership Guide to prepare students for how to share their vision!
    • April 8, 2015 Alice received her grades for her last semester and is very happy with the results! Even though she did well, she is motivated to keep working harder and improve throughout her next few years at university. Way to go, Alice!
    • March 18, 2015 Alice is back from the IT Conference in India and shared with us about her experience! You can read her story on our blog.
    • March 2, 2015 Alice recently won an engineering contest at her school and her prize was a trip to India to represent Rwanda at an engineering conference. GO ALICE!
    • Jan 5, 2015 A tradition in Alice’s community is gathering with neighbors to share food and stories of their home in the DR Congo. Because Alice was so young when her family left Congo, the stories help her learn about where she’s from!
    • Dec 1, 2014 Alice now has a few months of classes under her belt and says that things at university are getting easier. She loves her computer engineering courses and did well on her test last month. Go, Alice!
    • Oct 29, 2014 Alice just met Yung, a TNHF board member visiting Rwanda: “Why is Alice so amazing? She was offered a paying job but turned it down so that she can continue to teach without compensation back in the refugee camp she came from.



  • Concannon Lumber – Portland, OR


When Alice was young, her family was forced to leave their home in DR Congo. They have lived in the Gihembe Refugee Camp for the last eighteen years. In school, Alice’s teachers encouraged her to think about university, but she didn’t believe it would be possible, as no one in her family had ever gone to college.

She kept her dreams close to her heart and in 2014 Alice was selected to be a These Numbers Have Faces scholar, which she said was the happiest moment of her life! Alice chose to study electrical engineering because she believes electricity is the backbone of her country’s success.