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giving back and serving others

Community impact is the core of our mission. Learn the stories of young people in action!


Building confidence in young girls


Ines is a second year business student with dreams of becoming an economist and starting her own business.

Through the These Numbers Have Faces Community Impact Program, Ines volunteers with Purpose Rwanda, teaching girl's empowerment and self-confidence. Through her service, Ines believes in purpose and positivity, knowing she can effect massive change for young girls in Rwanda. We are so proud of the impact Ines continues to make in her community!

Coco & Cedric

Promoting health by building latrines

Group project

Cedric and Colyse are two These Numbers Have Faces medical scholars with a passion for others. As refugees from Burundi, they know the importance of health and hygiene to ease suffering and help people thrive.

As part of their Community Impact Project, they volunteered with Rwanda Village Concept Project to help build latrines for two families in a village near their university. By the end of the project, the families said they were so thankful for this gift that will help them to have better health and hygiene.

Our scholars are constantly reminding us of what true servant-hearted leadership is all about -- using your time, energy and skills doing things that lift up others. Cedric and Colyse, you inspire us!

Alice & Ariane

Producing solar lanterns for rural Africans

Alice & Ariane

Through their solar mobile chargers and lamps, Starlight was started by Alice and Ariane to provide clean energy to communities in Rwanda who have little access to electricity -- like villages and refugee camps. As entrepreneurs from the These Numbers Have Faces Accelerate Academy they know the value of building innovative solutions to some of the regions most challenging problems.

This fall, they were invited to pitch Starlight at the annual "Made in Rwanda" event. After presenting, they were two of sixteen young entrepreneurs invited to attend Global Youth Connect in May where they'll have the opportunity to network, market their product, and pitch their business to investors.

As Ariane and Alice put it, "Successful women never miss the opportunity to shine" -- and they proof of that!


Serving as President of the Medical Student Association of Rwanda


After spending his childhood living in various countries in East Africa, Smith saw a common theme that disturbed him -- a lack of health care. Smith couldn’t recall more than a handful of times he’d seen a doctor, and watched as his family and neighbors’ health declined without proper treatment. Instead of feeling hopeless about his reality, Smith became determined to make a difference.

Now studying medicine, Smith’s vision is to become a doctor, dedicating his life to helping the most vulnerable members of society. Fueled by his passion, this year he was elected as the President of Medical Student Association of Rwanda. Smith will be in charge of facilitating and managing a wide range of volunteer activities for Rwandan medical students and promoting health around the entire country.


Green energy start-up employing others


Growing up on the streets of Uganda, Muzamil learned the value of hard work. As financial struggles grew, however, Muzamil was forced to drop out of high school and move to Rwanda to live with his grandmother.

In order to pay for his studies, Muzamil decided to start his own business and began experimenting with organic waste to create a better charcoal briquette for his grandmother’s restaurant. From piles of charcoal dust and banana peels, Bamnorah Charcoal Briquettes was born. A year later and now in his final year of high school, Muzamil is an Accelerate Academy Entrepreneur, has hired additional employees, and sells briquettes to several restaurants in Kigali.


Teaching health and hygiene in rural villages


From childhood, Mick was perceptive of factors that made his community an unhealthy environment -- pollution due to deforestation and coal use, diseases that took countless lives, and an uneven distribution of resources amongst his neighbors. While most of his peers became hopeless, Mick’s circumstances fueled his desire to become a doctor and leader in his community.

For Mick's Community Impact Project, he taught basic health and hygiene to school children in rural villages, working toward his vision to eradicate poverty in Rwanda, help support his family of 11, and fund the education of his younger siblings so they can live out their dreams, too

I came not to be served, but to serve others.

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