Enhancing Corporate Culture

Becoming a Corporate Impact Partner with These Numbers Have Faces is a unique opportunity to enhance the culture of your company. By partnering with an African student in a field closely aligned to your mission, you'll be expanding your company's impact beyond the walls of your organization.

A one-to-one approach, linking employees with talented students can create direct interaction and amazing stories. Furthermore, the potential of an internship for an African student at your company, truly brings the partnership to life, forever impacting the lives of your employees and stakeholders.

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investing in a scholar

We recruit African students in six main fields: Business, Science, Engineering, Technology, Medicine, and Law.

Through a rigorous application process we select the brightest, most determined students who are most likely to become leaders in their countries. Then we personally pair your company with any number of students in the field of your choice and help foster connection and engagement. You’ll be able to track the progress and updates of your student on their personalized dashboard and we will help facilitate meaningful connections with your student in the ways which work best for your company.

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Your contribution of $5,000 per student, covers the annual costs of:

1. Tuition

2. Leadership Training

3. Books & Transportation

corporate spotlight: Dermalogica USA

Dermalogica is a woman-owned entrepreneurial skincare brand with business in 80 countries world-wide. Dermalogica’s FITE (Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship) seeks to empower women in three ways: loans, education and outlets to tell their stories on global platforms.These Numbers Have Faces & Dermalogica have partnered since 2013.


"We value the potential of every girl and are proud to support the work of These Numbers Have Faces in creating educational opportunities and community impact initiatives for some of Africa's greatest young minds. We look forward to continuing to partner with them and inspire students to become the next generation of global citizens and community leaders."
- Natalie Byne, Director of Global Impact // Dermalogica USA

internship with your company

One of the most rewarding elements of becoming a Corporate Impact Partner is to host a These Numbers Have Faces student at your company. The face-to-face relationships between your employees and an African scholar have the potential to build life long friendships and have signi cant impact on the culture of your company.

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Cost per student

Rwanda Tuition and Program (includes leadership trainings, books & transportation): $5,000

Hosting intern in USA: $7,400

Housing & internship stipend: TBD

corporate spotlight: Amazon/Lab126

In 2014, we partnered with Amazon's Lab 126 to offer internships for two of Rwanda's top computer engineering students. For a young woman from rural Rwanda, the opportunity to intern for one of the world’s leading technology companies is a dream come true. Check out the video to see the surprise of a lifetime!

corporate spotlight: Allion USA

Allion USA, is an Oregon based engineering firm offering software and hardware development for high tech companies. In 2014, they invested in Jean Paul Mugisha, a Congolese refugee studying electrical engineering and offered him a life changing summer internship at their Portland headquarters. Due to the success of this program, Allion and These Numbers Have Faces were awarded the Innovation in Corporate Philanthropy Award from the Portland Business Journal.


"It is a rare occasion where a company is able to engage in a global effort that aligns intimately to a company's mission. Partnering with These Numbers Have Faces does just that. This program allows us to engage with amazing and inspirational students on the other side of the world in an intimate and relational way that other programs cannot offer. We are excited about growing this program beyond our wildest dreams."
- Ryan Hoppes, CEO // Allion USA

Corporate Partners

Employee Matching Partners

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USA: 537 SE Ash Street, Suite 204 Portland, Oregon 97214
RWANDA: PO Box 2124 Kigali, Rwanda


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