At These Numbers Have Faces, we consider our scholars, staff and supporters to be part of one big family.

Our supporters are the lifeblood of the work we do in Africa. Without those to come alongside us to invest, encourage and lift up our students, we wouldn’t exist.

Supporter Spotlight: Caleb & Laura Rhoads

Today, we want to introduce you to two of our long-time supporters, Caleb and Laura Rhoads.

We asked Caleb and Laura to share their story of how they are connected to These Numbers Have Faces. Without further ado, meet Caleb and Laura!

Their HOME: Santa Barbara, CA
Their DO: Laura is the product manager for Mindflash, a software company, and Caleb works for MedBridge, a management and financial services company for healthcare providers
Their JOY: Playing with their 1-year-old son, Isaiah

How did you first hear about These Numbers Have Faces?

Justin told us about These Numbers Have Faces as he was in the early stages of forming the organization and developing relationships in South Africa with the first students that were sponsored. Based on my Gmail history, he sent me a MySpace friend request from These Numbers Have Faces on June 5, 2007! His vision and enthusiasm were infectious, and we started supporting These Numbers Have Faces shortly after that, eventually becoming monthly donors.

Why do you feel passionate about empowering the next generation of African leaders?

We understand that education leads to empowerment, and how one person, given the right tools and opportunity, can impact their world for good. We love that These Numbers Have Faces is impacting communities that have a lot of human potential, but often lack the resources to reach that potential. We are thrilled to be able to partner with them and help people reach that potential and transform their communities.

We like the model These Numbers Have Faces has of requiring their scholars to give back to their community after graduating. Not only is These Numbers Have Faces dedicated to investing in individual scholars’ lives, they are choosing scholars that are dedicated to investing in their own communities, creating momentum for change that impacts their own hometowns.

What would you say to someone who is interested in becoming involved with These Numbers Have Faces?

From our sphere of involvement (giving), there are always cautionary tales of organizations with a lack of accountability, or perhaps the benefits provided aren’t tailored to the recipient, or the support is only meeting a short-term need. Because you are investing in education with These Numbers Have Faces, which is then leveraged for local community benefit, growth, and development, you literally have a face and name to follow as you watch their educational progress, and you have a firsthand look into how they intend to (or already do!) impact their communities and countries when complete.

From all of us at These Numbers Have Faces, a huge thanks to Caleb and Laura for their faithful support of our scholars!

We would love to have YOU as part of the These Numbers Have Faces family, too. We want you to be part of our story! Join us today in helping rise up the next generation of Africa leaders!