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Supporter Spotlight: Emily Hughes

At These Numbers Have Faces we consider our scholars, staff and supporters to be part of one big family.

Our supporters are the lifeblood of the work we do in Africa. Without those to come alongside us to invest, encourage and lift up our students, we wouldn't exist.

Supporter Spotlight: Emily Hughes

Today, we want to introduce you to one of our long-time supporters, Emily Hughes!

Emily has been with These Numbers Have Faces from the very beginning - back when Founder & CEO Justin Zoradi thought of the idea of Leadership Loans for African students when he was gathered with a group of friends in his living room.

We asked Emily to share her story of how she is connected to These Numbers Have Faces. Without further ado, meet Emily!

Emily Hughes

Her HOME: Los Angeles, CA
Her WORK: Director of Brand Messaging & Content Strategy for CAbi
Her JOY: Reading, writing, hunting for jewelry, riding scooters with her nephews

How did you first hear about These Numbers Have Faces?

I first heard about These Numbers Have Faces pretty shortly after its inception. Justin's passion for helping individuals in South Africa in a way that would catalyze lasting change in entire communities was so compelling. When I first heard the Leadership Loan model they developed, I thought it was brilliant because it is sustainable, and the support is offered in a way that promotes both dignity and ownership.

Why do you feel passionate about empowering the next generation of African leaders?

No matter what part of the world you're in, communities thrive or wither through leadership.  By pouring into those who have natural abilities for influencing those around them, the impact becomes exponential. When people are generously invested in, the most gratifying and fulfilling thing they can do is to pay forward that gift to those around them--thus, they transform the world around them.

I'm especially passionate about developing women in this area of the world--they lack resources but they certainly do not lack talent or intellect.  With resources to move ahead, they can gain a whole new sense of self, which can open door after door.  This whole part of the world is rising, with women at the forefront.

The organization's emphasis on entrepreneurialism can change ways of thinking in a way that is empowering and liberating. I really believe that the impact These Numbers is making extends far beyond the continent of Africa.

What would you say to someone who is interested in becoming involved with These Numbers Have Faces?

This organization is on the move--as forward-thinking as they come.  If you want to know that your giving dollars are at work transforming not only individual lives, but whole communities, These Numbers Have Faces is a tremendous steward in making that happen.

From all of us at These Numbers Have Faces, a huge thanks to Emily for her faithful support of our scholars!

We would love to have YOU as part of the These Numbers Have Faces family, too. We want you to be part of our story! Join us today in helping the next generation of Africa leaders rise!

USA: 537 SE Ash Street, Suite 204 Portland, Oregon 97214
RWANDA: PO Box 2124 Kigali, Rwanda


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