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You read about our students on social media, our blog, and our website. You read about their time in university, their families, and their dreams. But what if you could connect with them directly? Now you can.

Want an inside scoop? Stay tuned!

We’ve been working hard at These Numbers Have Faces and have an exciting announcement to share with you. Check back for that next week, but until then, here’s an update.

An Exciting Announcement

Can you imagine getting a perfect SAT score? Yeah – neither can I. But Jean Paul, a Congolese refugee living in Rwanda, did just that. (Well, kind of – he aced Rwanda’s version of the SAT.) Meet one of our most talented scholars, Jean Paul – and learn how you could meet him in-person next summer!

Rwandan Genocide 20th Anniversary

Twenty years ago this week, Rwanda was hit with the most gruesome civilian uprising known in our time, the Rwandan Genocide. Even now, looking back on those 100 days of violence is hard for Rwandans, but that doesn't stop them from looking forward. 

Join us! Girl Rising Coming to Portland

These Numbers Have Faces is teaming up with Sseko Designs to host a screening of Girl Rising. Portlanders, please come (and bring some friends) to learn more about how we can empower girls across the globe!

Visitors, A Rare Sight in Gihembe

Recently, we had some friends come Rwanda and visit Gihembe, a refugee camp where 11 of our students are from. Check out this post to learn more about their trip to the camp.

Leadership Training, American Style

A couple weeks ago Stef, our board Vice President, traveled to Rwanda to meet our students. After a two-hour training session she had them roaring like lions and demonstrating key leadership qualities.

Meet Alice, The Newest Face in Our Family

We are happy to introduce you to this intelligent and poised accounting scholar from Uganda. Alice's story - her determination to overcome the most difficult circumstances to bring her family out of poverty - is truly inspirational.

Inspiration in the New Year

Our Creative & Digital Director shares her sources of inspiration, for creativity as well as the hope we find in the continent of Africa.

We have big news to share! Busisiwe, a recent These Numbers Have Faces graduate, has landed her first job as a business intern! Read this post to learn more about Busi's new job and join us in celebrating this accomplishment.

7 Human Rights Activists That Made 2013 Better

In the words of Nelson Mandela, “A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination.” Read more about how 7 human rights activists helped make 2013 a better year for Africa by following Mandela's legacy.

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Hours remain in 2013 and there's never been a better time to make a tax-deductible, year-end gift to These Numbers Have Faces. You have the opportunity to invest in the bright, young scholars who will shape Africa's future.
5 Reasons to Give

Need a reason to give a year end gift? Here's five! Don't miss this opportunity to double your impact in the lives of African students.

One Donor One Student

Josh, one of our most committed donors, has been with us from the start of this journey. Read about how he supports one These Numbers Have Faces scholar each year, and how you can do the same.

Partnership with Dani Press
Learn how Dani got involved with These Numbers Have Faces and support our students in Africa through her captivating cards and stationary.

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