The Tech Dreamers of Rwanda: Kevin and Pascaline's Internship Story

Kevin and Pascaline grew up in places where technology seemed more like a dream than a reality. Now, after graduating with degrees in Computer Science and Engineering, they are heading to internships in one of the world's most tech-forward cities, San Francisco!

Breaking the Status Quo: Grace’s Internship Story

When Grace went to primary school, only 20 percent of her classmates were girls. Now that she's close to graduating from university, Grace is hoping to change the status quo. Her internship in Portland, OR this year will help her do just that!

A Future Beyond the Fields: Aspen Heights Interns Announced!

Jackie and Alphonse grew up in villages in Rwanda where most people struggle to survive as subsistence farmers. Thanks to their degrees, and internships at Aspen Heights in Austin, TX this summer, they hope to become the leaders their communities need.

When Girls Don't Quit

Tradition said Jessica was next in line in her family to get married -- but she wasn't ready, yet. Her dream was to go to University, to have a career that could help better her country. Jessica's story is what happens When Girls Don't Quit.

Entrepreneurship Changes Everything: The Year of Accelerate Academy

We started with an idea: How could entrepreneurship impact East Africa? Our attempts to answer that question developed into an entrepreneurship program ushering Rwanda's top young leaders into one of the world's fastest developing economy. This is the story of The Accelerate Academy.

Banking on his future: Benson’s journey to an internship at TMT Development

Benson was supposed to follow in his parent's footsteps - raising cattle, as his family had done for generations in DR Congo. When they lost their home and their livelihood due to an ongoing civil war, their hopes for Benson were crushed. Benson, however, had another dream, which has led him to an internship in Portland this summer!

Conquering Fear By Using Her Voice

Pascaline is confident in computer science, but public speaking? A few years ago, it was one of her biggest fears. Now, she represents Rwanda in international debate competitions! Here's the story of how Pascaline conquered her fear by using her voice.

More Than a Number, More Than a Single Story

In light of the recent attack at Garissa University in Kenya, and the 21st anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, Tina, our Director of International Programs, reminds us that we not are numbers or statistics. Each one of us has a story.

Supporter Spotlight: Emily Hughes

Meet Emily Hughes: women's empowerment advocate, scooter-riding enthusiast, and long-time supporter of These Numbers Have Faces!

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